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Dr. Ed Akeel

Charlottesville Dentist Ed Akeel, DDS of Dentistry by Design

Meet our Charlottesville Dentist

Dr. Ed Akeel has practiced dentistry for 25 years... and counting.

In July of 1981, Dr. Akeel graduated from the University of Alexandria in Egypt with a Bachelors degree in Dental Medicine and Surgery. Following graduation, he successfully completed a two-year review at New York University, passing both parts of the national and state dental exams in 1983. Dr. Akeel then passed New York's Clinical Examination and became a licensed dentist in April of 1984.

While attending New York University, Dr. Akeel had the privilege of being employed by acclaimed New York dentist Jerry Adelson, assisting him in the treatment of patients under general anesthesia. He also spent three years working in an orthodontics practice, gaining valuable experience in orthodontia. Dr. Akeel then worked alongside Dr. Kenneth Sloan, a general practitioner.

In November 1985, Dr. Akeel established his own private practice and was introduced to the business aspects of dentistry. Shortly thereafter Dr. Akeel and his family moved to Charlottesville, VA, where his practice has flourished ever since. During his tenure as a dentist, Dr. Akeel began to develop a passion for implant dentistry, creating comfortable and perfectly fitting dentures and using the new Invisalign technology to produce a beautifully aligned smile. He continues to bring creative, modern dentistry to the local area, allowing him to create extraordinarily beautiful smiles.